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 Online Order FAQ & Guide

 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Sign-up (create account) or Log-in (after setting up your account)
Click on the My Account | Sign In link located on the above the home page of our website.
  • New Customers: If you don't have an account, please click on the Create Account for first-time registration.
    Please note: This website is intended for Licensed Dental Practice Professional use located in continental USA. No Dealers or Suppliers.
  • Returing Customers: Please log in to your account with your email, password and click on the Log in to my account. If you Forgot Your Password, type your email address and click on the Reset my password
    Sign-up and Log-in

How do I Search for item(s) or product(s)
  • Start your search from top left search bar.
    Search by Keyword
  • In order to search type a keyword: "3m filtek" Example: 3m filtek". The Search Results will say "171 matches found.
  • To narrow and refine your results by keep adding new keyword "a1": Example: 3m filtek a1". The Search Results will say "22 matches found
    Search results
  • Here are some tips on narrowing your search:
    1. To add another keyword, please click once on search box instead selecting or highlight all keywords
    2. Use company's product item number or manufacturer's part number.
    3. Use singular word "glove" instead using plural "gloves" for wider search results.
    4. Use short abbreviated word for wider search results. Example: use "perf" instead of "perforated"
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How do I add item(s) to cart & to custom order (shopping) list
  • Adding items to cart: Input quantity of items (if you want more than 1 item) then click on Add to Cart
    Add to Cart
  • Custom Order List: you can create and use Custom Order List to reorder most frequently ordered items or products.
    Please note: Parkway dental can create your customer order lists based on past purchase history of products
    1. When you are viewing a product, you will see the Add to Custom Order List link just below the Add to Cart buttom
    2. Click on the Add to Custom Order List link will open new window has order list
    3. You can select Existing list: (if you already created list), click on name of one of custom order lists will add the item to that list. Or if you want, select New list to create a new list
      Custom order list
  • Adding items to cart from Custom Order List: You can add to cart by click on Add to Cart
    1. The default (pre-selected) quantity is "1". You can always change default quantity anytime.
    2. Order to change quantity, change the number of quantity example "2" and click on Update before add to cart.
    3. If you clicked on Add to Cart, but it opens the particular product page. Please note that product information has been updated and need to add back to custom order list. Also re-try to add the item to cart again.
      Custom order list
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What are Custom Order List names
  • Custom Order List: you can create and use Custom Order List to reorder most frequently ordered items or products. In other words, it's your own personal shopping list Parkway Dental provide for your convenience.
    Please note: Parkway dental can create your customer order lists based on past purchase history of products
  • You can edit, rename, and create your own custom order list any time and any computer. Custom order lists are stored under your account and not on your computer.
    Custom Order List names
  • What are the custom order list names and which product categories the lists falls under
    1. Disposables - Disposables
    2. Hygiene / Preventive - Preventives / Evacuation > HVE Tips, Saliva Ejectors, Surgical Aspiration Tips
    3. Laboratory / X-Ray Products - Alloys / Handpieces / Laboratory Products / Small Equipment / Waxes / X-Ray Products
    4. Miscellaneous Products - Miscellaneous Proudcts
    5. OP Burs / Diamonds - Burs & Diamonds
    6. OP Crowns / Trays - Crowns / Crown Forms / Temp Crown & Bridge / Impression Trays
    7. OP Instruments / Files - Endodontics > Instruments / Finishing & Polishing / Instruments / Pins & Posts
    8. OP Restoratives - Acrylics & Relne / Articulating Products / Cements & Liners / Crowns & Bridges / Impression Products / Matrix Materials
    9. OP Surgical / Anesthetic - Anesthetics / Endodontics / Retraction Materials / Surgical Products
    10. Sterilization / Infection - Infection Control / Evacuation > System Cleaners
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What is Quick Order Pad
  • Simple way to input the SKU of multiple products & specify a different quantity for each of these and add all of them in bulk to the cart, without having to browse through your website.
  • If you know your product(s), Parkway part(item) number(s), and quantity on product(s). Just enter them along with quantity desired.
    Quick Order pad form
  • If you need more line to add products, click on [+] Add More Items
  • When your are finished with selection, click Add to Cart to proceed to View Cart
    Quick Order view cart
  • If you are ready, click on Proceed to Checkout to place order
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How do I Place order
  • When you are finished with selection click on Vew Cart to view items in view cart on upper right corner
    View Cart
  • In view cart, modify any detail before proceed to check out
    1. You can modify the number of quantity by changing the number of quantity and click on Update Cart
    2. If you are not finished with shopping, you can click on Save for later to save current view cart lists.
      Please click on Save for later, if you are using more than one computer to order from
      • To retrieve saved view cart, go to My Account under Saved Carts, look for the date and click on Continue Order to continue with your shopping.
    3. Click on Proceed to Checkout to place order
      View Cart box
  • In checkout, you can review all your order item(s) and add any request or comment in the request or comment box
  • Order to checkout, please confirm your email, and click on the Check out button to finish with your shopping
    Check out
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