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  Acrylics & Reline
  Articulating Products
  Burs & Diamonds
  Cements & Liners
  Cosmetic Dentistry
  Crowns & Bridges
  Finishing & Polishing
  Impression Products
  Infection Control
  Laboratory Products
  Matrix Materials
  Pins & Posts
  Retraction Materials
  Small Equipment
  Surgical Products
  X-Ray Products
Parkway Dental Supply - Category Index
Acrylics & Reline
     Acrylics & Reline Misc
          Kulzer Palaseal Sealant
          LuxaGlaze Light Cured Varnish
     Base & Resin Materials
          Hygenic Denture Resin
          Hygenic Paragon Denture Resin
          Lang Ortho Jet Acrylics
     Custom Tray Materials
          Bosworth Fastray
          Bosworth Fastray LC
          Hygon Tray Material
          Lang Instant Tray Mix
          Tak Hydroplastic & Stick
     Reline Materials
          Bosworth Dentusil
          Bosworth Softone
          Bosworth Truliner
          Bosworth Trusoft
          Dentsply Visco Gel
          GC Coe Comfort Tissue Cond
          GC Coe Rect Reline Material
          GC Coe Soft Reline Material
          GC Kooliner
          GC Reline & Reline II
          GC Super Soft Reline Material
          Kerr SoftLine
          Lynal Tissue Condiioner
          MucoHard Silicone Hard
          MucoSoft Silicone
          Tokuyama Rebase II
          Tokuyama Sofreliner Tough
     Repair Acrylics & Repair Mat
          Bosworth Duz All
          Bosworth TruRepair Acrylic
          Bosworth Ultra Fast Repair Liq
          Caulk Orthodontic Acrylics
          Coltene Denture Repair Resin
          Coltene Hygenic Perm Resin
          GC Pattern Resin LS
          Keystone Diamond D
          Lang Glass Eye Droppers
          Lang Jet Repair Acrylic Powder
          Reliance Duralay Inlay Resin
     Temporary Crown & Bridges
     Amalgam Capsules
          Caulk Dispersalloy Capsules
          Caulk Megalloy EZ
          Ivoclar Valiant Ph D
          Kerr Contour Capsules
               Contour 400mg
               Contour 600mg
               Contour 800mg
          Kerr Tytin Capsules
          Kerr Tytin FC Capsules
          SDI GS-80
               GS-80 1200mg
               GS-80 400mg
               GS-80 600mg
               GS-80 800mg
          SDI Lojic + Caps
               Lojic + 400mg
               Lojic + 600mg
               Lojic + 800mg
          SDI Permite Alloy
               Permite 1200mg
               Permite 400mg
               Permite 600mg
               Permite 800mg
          Silmet Nogama Alloy
          Silmet Spherodon M
          Silmet Spherodon Plus
     Amalgam Wells
          Arnel Amalgam Wells
          Hu Friedy Amalgam Well
     Squeeze Cloths
          JR Rand Squeeze Cloths
     Storage & Disposal
     Aspirating Syringes
          Aspiject Syringes
          Hu Friedy Aspirating Syringes
          J&J Instruments
          Miltex Aspirating Syringe
          Septodont Aspirating Syringes
          Vista Aspirating Syringe
     Injectable Anesthetics
          Cook Waite Anesthetics
          Dentsply Pharmaceutical
          Quala Anesthetics
          Septodont Anesthetics
     Needles & Accessories
          Cartridge Dispenser & Warmer
          Disposable Needles
               Accuject Needles
               BD Conventional Needles
               J Morita Dental Needles
               Quala Injection Needles
               Septoject & XL
               Septoject Evolution Needle
          Irrigation Syringes & Needles
          Needle Capper
               Zirc Needle Capper
          Needle Stick Protection
               ProTector Needle Sheath
     Nitrous Oxide & Accessories
          Accutron Axess Nasal Mask
          ClearView Capnography
          ClearView Classic Hoods
          DynoMite Nasal Hoods
          Multi Use Nasal Hoods
          PIP+ Nasal Hoods
          Porter Disposable Liners
          Porter Nasal Hood Kit & Liners
          Scavenging Circuit Hub
          Silhouette Mask & Access
     Topical Anesthetic
          Beutlich Topical Anesthetic
          Bosworth Cora Caine
          Centrix Lollicane
          Cetylite Cetacaine
          Crosstex GumNumb
          Dentsply Pharmaceutical Oraqix
          J Morita CaineTips
          Keystone Topical Gel
          Premier Topicale
          Premier Topicale Xtra
          Quala Topical Gel
          Septodont Lidocaine Ointment
          Sultan Topex Topical Gel
               Topex 100g Gel
               Topex 1oz Gel
          Sultan Topex Topical Spray
Articulating Products
     Articulating Films
          AccuFilm Articulating Film
          Bausch Articulating Film
          TrollFoil Articulating Foil
          Whip Mix Ardent Exacta Film
     Articulating Paper
          Ardent Articulating Paper
          Bausch Articulating Paper
          Crosstex Articulating Paper
          Miltex Articodent Paper
          Mynol Articulating Paper
          Rudischhauser Artic Paper
          Surgident Articulating Paper
     Articulating Paper Forceps
          J&J Instruments
     Occlusal & Pressure Indicators
          Almore Occlusion Foil
          Dr Thompson CTA
          GC America Fit Checker
          Kerr Flex Clearance Tab
          Mizzy Pressure Indicating Paste
          Pascal Hydent
          Pascal Occlusal Spray
Burs & Diamonds
     Bur Blocks & Guard
          Kerr Magnetic Bur Blocks
               14 Hole Retangular Block
               24 Hole Round Block
               8 Hole Round Block
          Plexiglass Clear Bur Blocks
          Zirc Magnetic Bur Blocks
               14 Hole Large Block
               8 Hole Small Block
          Zirc Steri Bur Guard
     Burs Accessories
          Dixon Bur Brush
          Meisinger Initial Burs
          Miltex Bur & Diamond Holder
          Spring Health Zirconia Cutters
     Burs Carbide
          Lab Burs
               Kerr NTI Universal Cutters
               Keystone Diamond Cut
               Keystone Keygold
               Keystone Spiral Cut
               Meisinger Lab Burs
               SS White Lab Burs
          Operative Burs
               Coltene Alpen FG & RA Burs
               Meisinger FG, RA & HP Burs
               Midwest FG, RA & HP Burs
               Midwest Once Sterile Burs
               Parkway FG & RA Burs
               SS White FG, HP & RA Burs
               SS White Great White Gold
               SS White Great White Ultra
          Surgical Burs
               Midwest Oral Surgical Burs
               Miltex Surgical Length Burs
               Parkway Surgical Length Burs
               SS White Oral Surgery Burs
          Trimming & Finishing Burs
               Axis NTI MW Series
               Axis NTI T&F Burs
               Coltene Alpen T&F Burs
               Dedeco Goldies T&F Burs
               Meisinger Tungsten Burs
               Midwest Multiprep
               Midwest T&F Burs
               NeoBurr Esthetic Finishers
               Parkway 12 Bladed Burs
               Parkway T&F Burs
               SS White 12 Bladed Burs
               SS White 20 Bladed Burs
               SS White 30 Bladed Burs
     Diamond Disks (Discs)
          Kerr NTI Diamond Discs
          Keystone Diamond Disks
          Meisinger Diamond Discs
          PFingst Diamond Disks
     Diamonds Burs
          Multi Use
               Coltene Alpen Diamonds
               Kerr Guided Pin & Nano Prep
               Kerr NTI FG Diamonds
               Kerr NTI HP, KS & Raptor
               Kerr NTI Turbo & TDF
               Meisinger Diamonds
               Midwest Diamonds
               Miltex Diamonds
               Parkell Diamond Burs
               Shofu Robot Points
               Strauss Diamonds
               Two Striper Diamonds
               Two Striper Gold & K Curettage
               Two Striper KR & KS
               Two Striper Laboratory HP
               Two Striper MFS
               Two Striper TS2000 & TSZtech
          Single Use
               MicroCopy Neo Diamond
               Midwest Once Diamonds
               Premier Solo Diamonds
               Spring Health Diamonds
               SS White Piranha Diamonds
     Rotary & Prep Kits
          Premier Two Striper Prep Kit
          Strauss Occlusal Reduction Kit
Cements & Liners
     Applicator & Mixing Tips
          3M Mixing Tips
          Caulk Mixing Tips
          EDS Flexi Flow
          GC America Mixing Tips
          Ivoclar Applicator & Tips
          Kerr Mixing Tips
          Kuraray Mixing Tips
          Parkell Mixing Tips
          Parkway Automix Tips
          Pentron Mixing Tips
          Quala Temp Mixing Tips
          Sultan Mixing Tips
          Variolink Applicator Tips
     Bases & Cavity Liners
          3M Vitrebond Light Cure & Plus
               Vitrebond Light Cure
               Vitrebond Plus
          Bosworth Copaliner
          Caulk Prisma VLC Dycal
          Caulk Time Line VLC
          Cavity Liner Placer Instrument
          Cetylite Varnal
          Dycal Calcium Hydroxide Liner
          GC Fuji Lining LC
          GC Fuji Lining LC Paste Pak
          Ketac Bond Glass Ionomer
          Parkell Cavidry Cleaning Agent
          Pulpdent Activa Base Liner
          Pulpdent Lime Lite
          Pulpdent Multi Cal Cavity Liner
          Shofu GlasIonomer Base
          Temrex Cooley Copalite
          Cement Orthodontic
               Fuji Ortho Band Paste Pak
          Cement Permanent
               3M Durelon Cements
               3M Ketac Cem Radiopaque
               3M Rely X Cements
               Caulk Calibra Bio
               Caulk Calibra Perm Cements
               Caulk Comspan
               Caulk Fynal
               Coltene SoloCem
               Dentonics Polycarboxylate
               EDS Envy Self Adhesive
               EDS Flexi Flow Composite Cem
               GC Fuji I Luting Cement
               GC Fuji Plus
               GC FujiCEM 2
               GC G Cem LinkAce Resin
               Ivoclar Multilink
               Ivoclar Variolink Cements
               Kerr Maxcem Elite & Chroma
               Kerr Nexus RMGI
               Kerr NX3 Nexus 3rd Gen
               Keystone Fleck's Zinc Cement
               Keystone Fleck''s Zinc Cement
               Kuraray Panavia Cements
               Parkell C&B Metabond
               Parkell Retrieve Implant Cement
               Pentron Breeze Cement
               Premier Implant Cement
               Premier IntegraCem
               Pulpdent Activa BioACTIVE
               Pulpdent Embrace Wetbond
               Pulpdent Kleer Veneer
               Shofu CX Plus GlasIonomer
          Cement Temporary
               3M Rely X Temp Cement
               Caulk Integrity TempGrip
               Coltene Duo Temp
               DMG TempoCem & NE
               GC Freegenol Temp Cement
               GC Nogenol Temp Cement
               GC Temp Advantage
               Ivoclar Telio CS Cements
               Kerr TempBond Cements
               Master Dent Temp Cement
               Parkell ETC Temp Cement
               Pentron Zone & Zone Free
               Premier NexTemp
               Sultan SensiTemp Cements
               Temrex Temporary Cement
               Waterpik Opotow Temp Cement
          Beutlich HurriSeal
          Danville MicroPrime
          Ivoclar Telio CS
          Kulzer Gluma Desensitizer
          Kuraray Teethmate
          Parkell Pain-Free
          Parkway Desensitizer
          SDI Soothe Desensitizer
          Bosworth Masque Lubricant
          Ivoclean Cleaning Paste
     Temporary Filling Materials
          3M Cavit Temporary Filling
          Caulk IRM Restorative
          Caulk ZOE B&T Material
          Coltene Coltosol F
          Dentonics ZOE Reinforced
          Liners & Temp Filling
Cosmetic Dentistry
     Accessories & Miscellaneous
          Composite Warmer
          Icon Infiltration Concept
          Silane Primer
     Applicator, Brushes & Handles
          3M Brush Tip
          Centrix AccuDose Tubes
          Centrix Benda Brush
               Mini Brush
               Regular Brush
          Centrix Benda Brush Applicator
          Centrix Benda Micro Applicators
          Dentamerica Brush Tips
          Ivoclar OptraStick Adhesive
          Microbrush Flowthru
          Microbrush Ultrabrush
          Pulpdent Applicator Tips
          Pulpdent Brush Tips
          Quala Benda Brush Applicator
          SDI Super Etch Syringe Tips
          Spira Flo Brush Tips
          Unipack Micro Applicator Brush
     Bleaching & Tooth Whitening
          Captivate by Nupro Take Home
          Crest Whitestrips Whitening
          EPR Superoxol
          Perfecta Block Out
          Perfecta Bravo Whitening
          Perfecta REV Whitening
          Perfecta Whitening Sys
          Perfecta Whitening Tubes
          SDI Pola CP
          SDI Pola Day
          SDI Pola Night
          SDI Pola Office & Plus +
          Venus White Max
          Venus White Pro
          Venus White Touch Up
          Venus White Ultra
     Bonding Agents
          3M Adper Bonding Agent
               Adper Easy Bond
               Adper Prompt L Pop
               Adper Scotchbond Multipurpose
               Adper Single Bond Plus
          3M RelyX Ceramic Primer
          3M Scotchbond
          Caulk Prime & Bond
               Prime & Bond Elect
               Prime & Bond NT
               Prime & Bond NT Dual Cure
          Caulk Xeno IV Self Etching
          Coltene One Coat
          Coltene ParaBond Adhesive
          Danville E Bond
          Danville Prelude & SE Bonding
          GC G Aenial Bond
          GC G Bond Bonding Adhesive
          GC G-Premio Bond & DCA
          Ivoclar Adhese Universal
          Ivoclar ExciTE F
          Ivoclar Heliobond
          Ivoclar Monobond Plus
          Kerr OptiBond
               OptiBond All In One
               OptiBond FL Light Cure
               OptiBond Solo Plus
               OptiBond Universal
               OptiBond XTR Self Etch
          Kerr Optiguard Sealant
          Kulzer Gluma Comfort Bond
          Kulzer iBond Bonding Agent
               iBond Etch 35
               iBond Self Etch
               iBond Total Etch
               iBond Universal
          Kuraray Clearfil
               Clearfil Liner Bond 2V
               Clearfil Photo Bond
               Clearfil Porcelain Bond
               Clearfil S3 Bond Plus
               Clearfil SA Primer
               Clearfil SE Bond & Bond 2
               Clearfil SE Protect
               Clearfil Universal Bond Quick
          Parkell Add & Bond
          Parkell Amalgambond Plus
          Parkell Brush & Bond
          Pentron Bond-1 & Bond-It
          Premier IntregraBond
          Pulpdent Embrace First Coat
          Pulpdent Silane Bond Enhancer
          SDI Riva Bond LC
          Shofu Beautibond
          Temrex SnapBond
          Tokuyama Bond Force
          Flowable Composite
               3M Filtek Bulk Fill
               3M Filtek Supreme Ultra
               Caulk Dyract Flow
               Caulk Esthet X Flow
               Caulk SureFil SDR Flow +
               Caulk TPH Spectra ST Flow
               Danville Accolade SRO
               Danville StarFlow & PV
               DMG Constic Flowable
               GC America G Aenial Flo
               GC America G Aenial Univ Flo
               GC America Gradia Direct
               Ivoclar Heliomolar Flow
               Ivoclar Tetric EvoFlow
               Ivoclar Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill
               Kerr Herculite Ultra Flow
               Kerr Premise Flowable
               Kerr Revolution Formula 2
               Kerr SonicFill & SonicFill 3
               Kerr Vertise Flow
               Kulzer Venus Diamond Flow
               Kulzer Venus Flow
               Kuraray Clearfil Majesty
               Kuraray Clearfil Majesty ES
               Master Dent Composite Flow
               Pentron Flow It ALC
               SDI Wave Flowable
               Septodont Image Flowable
               Septodont N'Durance Dimer
               Septodont N''Durance Dimer
               Shofu Beautifil Bulk
               Shofu Beautifil Flow
               Shofu Beautifil Flow Plus
               Silmet ProFil Flow
               Sultan Aladdin Flow
               Tokuyama Estelite Bulk Fill
               Tokuyama Estelite Flow Quick
               Tokuyama Estelite Univ Flow
          Universal Composite
               3M Filtek Bulk Fill Posterior
               3M Filtek Supreme Ultra
               3M Filtek Universal Restorative
               3M Filtek Z250
               3M Paradigm Universal
               AMCO Super C Composite
               Caulk Dyract Extra
               Caulk Esthet X HD
               Caulk Quixx Posterior
               Caulk SureFil Posterior
               Caulk TPH Spectra
               Caulk TPH Spectra ST
               Coltene Brilliant EverGlow
               GC America G-aenial Sculpt
               GC America Gradia Direct
               GC America Gradia Direct X
               GC America Kalore
               Ivoclar Compoglass
               Ivoclar IPS Empress Direct
               Ivoclar Tetric Evo Line
               Ivoclar Tetric EvoCeram
               Ivoclar Tetric EvoCeram Bulk
               Kerr Harmonize
               Kerr Herculite Ultra
               Kerr Herculite XRV
               Kerr Point 4
               Kerr Premise
               Kulzer Charisma Universal
               Kulzer Venus Diamond
               Kulzer Venus Pearl
               Kuraray Clearfil Majesty ES-2
               Kuraray Clearfil Majesty Post
               Parkell Epic TMPT
               Parkell HyperFIL Dual Cure
               Pulpdent Activa BioActive
               SDI Aura Easy
               SDI Glacier Micro Hybrid
               SDI Ice Restorative
               Septodont N'Durance
               Septodont N''Durance
               Shofu Beautifil II
               Silmet ProFil Composite
               Tokuyama Estelite
               Tokuyama Estelite Sigma Quick
     Core Materials
          3M Ketac Silver Aplicap
          Caulk FluroCore 2 Plus
          Centrix Encore DC MiniMix
          Centrix SuperCure & Q
          Coltene ParaCore Automix
          DMG LuxaCore Materials
               LuxaCore Dual
               LuxaCore Dual Smartmix
               LuxaCore Z Dual
          EDS TI Core Materials
               EDS Ti Core
               EDS Ti Core Auto E
               EDS Ti Core Flow Plus
          GC Miracle Mix
          Kuraray Clearfil Materials
               Clearfil DC Core Plus
               Clearfil Photo Core
          Parkell Absolute Dentin
          Pentron Build It FR
               Cartridge Refill
               Syringe Refill
          Premier CompCore Materials
               CompCore AF Dual Cure
               CompCore AF SyringeMix
     Dispensers, Tips & Applier
          Dentsply Caulk
          GC America
               Fuji Capsule Applier
               G Aenial Tip
          Ivoclar Vivadent
          Kerr Dental
               Cartridge Dispensing Gun
               Intra oral & Mixing Tips
               Delivery Tips
               Prebent Tips
          Pentron Clinical
          Shofu Dental
          Vista Dental
               Appli Vac Irrigation Tips
               Pre Bent Tips
               Stat Flo Pre Bent Brush Tips
               Volu Flo Tips
     Etching Gels & Agents
          3M Ketac Liquid Cond
          3M Scotchbond Etchant
          Defend Etch Gel
          GC Cavity Conditioner
          Ivoclar Ceramic Etching Gel
          Ivoclar Total Etch
          Kerr Gel Etchant
          Pulpdent Etch All
          Pulpdent Etch Rite
          Pulpdent Etch Royale
          Pulpdent Porcelain Etch Gel
          Quala Etch Gel
          SDI Super Etch
          Septodont Septo Etch
          Temrex Gel Etch
          Tooth Conditioner
          Vista Best Etch
          Vista Porcelain Etch
     Glass Ionomers Materials
          3M Ketac Nano Light Cure
          3M Ketac Nano Quick Mix
          3M Photac Fil Quick
          Caulk ChemFil Rock
          GC Equia Forte
          GC Fuji Automix LC
          GC Fuji ii LC Capsules
          GC Fuji II LC Powder & Liquid
          GC Fuji IX GP Extra
          SDI Riva Coat & Conditioner
          SDI Riva Light Cure
          SDI Riva Self Cure
          SDI Riva Silver Capsules
     Micro Applicators
          3M Applicators
          3M ESPE Applicators
          Defend Micro Applicators
          Kerr Applicators
          Microbrush Applicators
          Microbrush Plus
          Microbrush X Extended Reach
          Pinnacle Ball Point Applicators
          SDI Points Brush Applicator
     Mixing Wells & Sticks
          3M ESPE Mixing Wells
          3M Mixing Wells
          Ivoclar Vivapad Mixing Well
          Plasdent Mixing Wells
          Pulpdent Mixing Wells
          Zirc Mixing Stick
          Acteon BioSplint Ribbon
          Embrace Esthetic Opaquers
     Shade Guides
          Ivoclar Shade Guides
          Portrait IPN Shade Guide
          Vita Classical Shade Guide
          Vita Linearguide 3D Master
          Vita Shade Guides
Crowns & Bridges
     Crown Forms Temporary
          Protemp Crown
               Bicuspid Crowns
               Cuspid Crowns
               Molar crowns
          3M Iso Form Biscuspid Crowns
               First Biscuspid Crowns
               Second Biscuspid Crowns
          3M Iso Form Molar Crowns
               First Molar Crowns
               Second Molar Crowns
          3M Polycarbonate Crowns
               Anterior Crowns
               Bicuspid Crowns
               Central Crowns
               Cuspid Crowns
               Lateral Crowns
          3M Stainless Steel Crowns
               1st Molar Crown
               2nd Molar Crown
          3M Unitek SS Permanent Crown
               Bicuspids Lower Crowns
               Bicuspids Upper Crowns
               Molars Lower Crowns
               Molars Upper Crowns
          DirectCrown Polycarbonate
          Hu Friedy Pedo Crowns
               First Molar Crowns
               Second Molar Crowns
          Parkway Polycarbonate
               Bicuspid Crowns
               Cuspid Upper & Lower
               Lower Anterior Crowns
               Upper Central Crowns
               Upper Lateral Crowns
     Crowns & Bridges Mixing Tips
          Centrix & DMG Mix Tips
          Defend Mixing Tips
          Heraeus Kulzer Mixing Tips
          Kerr Mixing Tips
          Pentron Mixing Tips
          Pulpdent Mixing Tips
          Quala Mixing Tips
     Crowns Form
     Crowns Remover Instrument
     Temporary Crown & Bridges
          3M Protemp Plus
          AMCO Super T Powder & Liquid
               Liquid Refill
               Powder Refill
          Bosworth Trim & Trim II Acrylic
               Trim II Temporary Resin
               Trim Temporary Resin
          Caulk Integrity & Multi Cure
               Caulk Integrity
               Caulk Integrity Multi Cure
          Caulk Temporary Bridge Resin
          Centrix Access Crown
          Coltene Cool Temp Natural
          Danville Turbo Temp 2 & 3
               Danville Turbo Temp 2
               Danville Turbo Temp 3
          Defend Temp C&B Material
          Direct Crown Liquid & Powder
          DMG LuxaFlow & Ultra
          DMG Luxatemp C&B Materials
               DMG Luxatemp Automix Plus
               DMG Luxatemp Fluorscence
               DMG Luxatemp Ultra
          GC Alike Temporary C&B Resin
          GC Revotek LC
          Heraeus Venus Temp 2
          Jet Tooth Shade Acrylic
               Liquid Refill
               Powder Refill 1LB
               Powder Refill 2OZ
               Powder Refill 4OZ
          Keystone C&B Materials
          Parkell SmarTemp C&B
          Pentro TempSpan C&B
          Pulpdent Tuff Temp Plus
          Reliance Duralay Temp C&B
          Sultan Versa Temp & Temp 2
               Sultan Versa Temp 2
               Sultan Versa Temp C&B Resin
     Bibs, Drapes & Patient Towels
          Bib Clips & Holders
               Buffalo Bib Clips
               Defend Bib Holder
               Hager Super Bib Clips
               JR Rand Bib Cips
               Miltex Bib Clips Holder
               Plasdent Bib Holders
          Crosstex Towels
               Advantage Towels
               Econoback Sani Tab
               Econoback Towels
               Patient Aprons
               Polyback Contour Bib
               Polyback Towels
          Dux Bib Eze
          Little Rapids
          Palmero Patient Throw
          Parkway Towels
               Professional Towel 2PLY
               Professional Towel Plus 3PLY
          Tidi Towels
               Autoclavable Towels
               Contour & Chainless Bibs
               Drape Sheets
               Economy Poly Aprons
               Kay-Pees Professional Towels
               Poly Back Towels
               TIDI Sterile Patient Drape
     Cotton Rolls & Substitutes
          Cotton Rolls
          Crosstex Cotton Rolls
          Dri Angle Absorbent Triangle
          Dynarex Cotton Rolls
          Microbrush Dry Tips
          Microcopy NeoDrys
          Richmond Cotton Pellets
          Richmond Cotton Rolls
          Richmond Reflective Shields
          Tidi Cotton Rolls
          Velopex Tongue' n Cheek Pads
          Velopex Tongue'' n Cheek Pads
          Young Dri Aid
          Zirc Cotton Roll Dispenser
     Cotton Tip Applicators
          Dynarex Cotton Tip Applicator
     Disposable Cups
          Crosstex Plastic Cups
          Defend Plastic Cups
          DVS Medicine Cups
          Parkway Plastic Cups
          TIDI Plastic Cups
          TIDI Solo & Waxed Cups
     Paper Products
          Cotton Filled Sponges
               Crosstex Cotton Filled Sponges
               Medicom Cotton Filled Sponges
               Richmond Cotton Filled Sponge
               TIDI Cotton Filled Sponges
          Non Woven Sponges
               Advance Non Woven Sponges
               Crosstex Non Woven Sponges
               Dynarex Non Woven Sponges
               Medicom SafeGauze Green
               Richmond Non Woven Sponges
               Tidi Non Woven Sponges
               Tidi Omnisorb II Sponges
          Unfilled Gauze Sponges
               Crosstex All Gauze Sponges
               Richmond All Gauze Sponges
               Richmond SteriPocket Gauze
               TIDI Gauze Sponges
     Tissues & Paper Towels
           Kleenex & Cottonelle Tissues
          ADC SoftPull Towels
          GP Pro Paper Towels
          Hillyard Paper Towels
          Kimberly Clark Towels
          Palmero Facial Towelettes
          Scott Bathroom Tissues
     Tongue Depressors
          Defend Tongue Depressors
     Trash Bags & Liners
          ADC Trash Bags
          Hillyard Stellar Liners
     Tray Covers (BTC)
          Crosstex Tray Covers
               BTC 10.25 x 15.75
               BTC 11 x 17.5
               BTC 8.5 x 12.25
               BTC 9 x 13.5
               BTC Mini 5 x 8
               BTC Round O
          Parkway Tray Covers
          Plasdent Tray Covers
          Tidi Tray Covers
          Tray Sleeves
     Absorbent Paper Points
          DiaDent Absorbent Points
               Cells Pack
               Spill Proof Pack
          DiaDent Dia ISO GT Points
               0.04 Taper Size
               0.06 Taper Size
               0.08 Tapper Size
          Kerr Absorbent Paper Points
          Kerr Autofit GT Paper Points
          Kerr Autofit Paper Points
          Maillefer Absorbent Points
               Bulk Package
               Cell Package
               Taper Package
          Meta Dental Absorbent Points
               Bulk Pack
               Cell Pack
          Premier Absorbent Points
     Barbed Broaches
          Premier Barbed Broaches
          Union Broach Barbed Broaches
          Zipperer Barbed Broaches
     Endo Instruments
               Maillefer Micro Opener
               Satelec Irri-Safe Files
          Endo Burs
               Maillefer Endo Access Bur
               Maillefer LN Bur
               Maillefer Transmetal Burs
          Endo Explorer
               Premier Endo Explorers
               Star Dental Explorer
          Endo Pluggers & Spreaders
               Hu Friedy Endo Pluggers
               J&J Instrument Spreaders
               Kerr Buchanan Sys Plugger
               Premier Endo Pluggers
               Premier Finger Pluggers
               SybronEndo Finger Spreaders
     Endo Products
     Files, Reamers & Drills
          Gates Glidden & Peeso Drills
               Maillefer Gates Glidden Drills
               Maillefer Peeso Drills
               Parkway Gates Glidden Drills
               Parkway Peeso Drills
          Hand Files & Reamers
               JS Dental S Files Type
               Kerr K Files
               Kerr K-Flex Files
               Kerr Pathfinder Files
               Maillefer C- Files
               Maillefer Flexo Files
               Maillefer Hedstrom Files
               Maillefer K FIles
               Maillefer RS C+ Files
               Maillefer Senseus FlexoFile
               Maillefer Unifile
               Premier Hedstrom Files
               Premier K Files
               Quala Hedstrom File
               Quala K Type Files
               Roydent C-Files
               Roydent K-Files
          Rotary Files
               EDS Tango Endo
               HyFlex CM NiTi Files
               K3 Rotary Nickel Titanium
               K3 XF Nickel Titanium
               TF Adaptive Niti K File
               TF Twisted Files
     Gutta Percha Points
          Coltene SpectraPoint
          DiaDent Color Coded
               Bulk Pack
               Vials Pack
          DiaDent ISO GT
          DiaDent Marked ML.029
          Kerr Elements Obturation
          Kerr K3 Gutta Percha
          Kerr TF Adaptive
          Kerr TF Gutta Percha Points
          Maillefer Gutta Percha Points
               Assorted Pack
               Standard ISO Size Pack
          Meta Gutta Percha Points
               04 Taper Points Pack
               Standard ISO Vials Pack
          Premier Gutta Percha Points
     Irrigation Syringes & Needles
          Appli-Vac Irrigating tips
          Appli-Vac Pre Tipped Syringe
          BD Syringe
          Max I Probe Irrigation probes
          Monoject 202 Blunt Needles
          Monoject 412 Curved Tip
          Monoject 471 Irrigation Needle
          Monoject 513 Irrigation Syringe
          Monoject Syringes
          Vista Blue Flo Tips
          Vista Luer Lock Syringes
          Vista Probe Irrigating tips
          Vista Probe Pre Tipped Syringe
     Irrigation Systems
          EndoVac Irrigation System
     Medicaments & Solutions
          Advance Pulp Vitality
          AH Plus Jet Root Canal Sealer
          AH Plus Root Canal Sealer
          Buckley's Formo Cresol
          Buckley''s Formo Cresol
          Cavit Temp Filling Material
          Coletene Hygenic Endo Ice
          Coltene CanalPro
          Dry Socket Paste
          DVS Petroleum Jelly
          EDS EDTA Plus
          Maillefer Glyde File Prep
          Master-Dent Formo Cresol
          Mercedes Med Freeze Spray
          Parkway Eugenol USP
          Premier RC Prep
          Pulpdent TempCanal
          Roydent Canal Lubricant
          Sultan Chloroform & Eucalyptol
          Vista 6% Sodium Hypochlorite
          Vista Cal
          Vista CHX Plus
          Vista Citric Acid
          Vista EDTA 17% Solution
     Obturators & Apex Locators
          Apex ID Digital Locator
          Coltene Gutta Flow 2
          Kerr K3 & K3 XF Obturators
          Kerr Soft Core Obturator
          Parkell Thermique
          Root ZX & II Apex Locator
     Organizers & Accessories
          Almore Endo Gel
          Almore Endoring & Kit
          Maillefer Endo Clean Stand
          Maillefer Endo Z Bur
          Maillefer Sosio Box
          Miltex Endo Box
          Miltex Finger Ruler
          Parkway Endo Sponge & Kit
          Plasdent Endo Foam
          Sure Stop Silicone Dispenser
          Sybron Endo Ring
          Zirc Steri Endo Guard Engine
     Paste Fillers
          Millefer Lentulo Spiral Fillers
          Premier Root Fillers
     Rubber Dam
          Rubber Dam Accessories
               Ora Shield Dam Napkins
               Rubber Dam Instruments
          Rubber Dam Clamps
               Hu Friedy Rubber Dam Clamps
               Ivory Rubber Dam Clamps
               Wedjets Dam Stablilizing Cord
          Rubber Dam Frames
               Young Rubber Dam Frames
          Rubber Dam Latex
               Coltene Dental Dam Conv Pack
               Coltene Fiesta Dental Dam
               Coltene Hygenic Dental Dam
               Crosstex Latex Dental Dam
               Pulpdent Kool Dam
          Rubber Dam Non Latex
               Aseptico Handi Dam
               Coltene Flexi Dam
               Crosstex Non Latex Dental Dam
               Hygenic Non Latex Dental Dam
               Zirc Insti Dam
          Rubber Dam Punches
               J&J Instruments
     Sealers & Cements
          Centrix Tempit
          DiaDent Diapex
          DiaDent Temporary Stopping
          Directa Calasept
          EZ Fill Epoxy
          Metapaste & Metapex
          Pulp Canal Sealer & EWT
          Sealapex Root Canal Sealant
          Septodont BioRoot RCS
          Tubli Seal & Xpress
          Plasdent Dry Oral Cups
          Saliva Ejector Access & Tips
          Steri Dent Cleaning Brushes
          Zirc Pink Petal
     Disposable Traps & Screens
          Defend Disposable Traps
          Pinnacle Dispos A Trap
          Pinnacle Evac U Trap
          Plasdent Disposable Canister
          Plasdent Disposable Traps
          Vacuum Screen Canister
          Vista HVE Screens
          Zirc Cuspidor Screens
          Zirc Dispos A Screen
     Evacuation Products
     Evacuation System Cleaners
          Alconox Precision Cleaner
          Biotrol Evacuation Cleaners
          Dental EZ SlugBuster
          EPR Evacuation Cleaners
          L&R E-VAC Cleaner
          Midmark Precision Cleanse
          Monarch Clean Stream
          Pinnacle Turbo Vac
          Premier Vac Attak
          Purevac & Purevac SC
          Sani Treet Plus
          Vacuum Clean & Shock
     High Volume Evac (HVE) Tips
          Crosstex Evacuator Tips
          Defend HVE Evacuation Tips
          Keystone HVE Tips
          Kulzer HVE Aspirator Tips
          MaxVac Plus Combo Tips
          Parkway HVE Tips
          Practicon HVE Tips
          Young Vent O Vac HVE Tips
     Saliva Ejectors
          Bosworth Saliva Ejectors
          CH Saliva Ejector & Holder
          Crosstex Comfort Plus
          Crosstex Safe-Flo Ejectors
          Crosstex Saliva Ejectors
          Geo Otis Formeject
          Keystone Saliva Ejectors
          Monoject Saliva Ejector
          Practicon Comfort Tip
          Quala Saliva Ejectors
          Zirc Mr Thirsty
     Surgical Aspirator Tips
          Centrix Micro Aspirator
          Plasdent Orasurge
          Vista Surgical Aspirator Tips
          Young Surg O Vac
Finishing & Polishing
     Abrasives and Polisher
          Brownie, Greenie, Supergreenie
               Brownie Polishers
               Greenie Polishers
               Supergreenie Polishers
          Buffalo Acrilustre
          Meisinger Polisher
               Flexible Polisher
               Polishing Brushes
               Porcelain Polisher
          Meisinger White Arkansas
          NTI Acrylic Polishers
          NTI Goldstar Polishing Sys RA
          Pfingst Busch Abrasives
          Shofu Ceramiste
          Shofu Dura Green Stones
               Contra Angle (CA) Shape
               Friction Grip (FG) Shape
               Handpiece (HP) Shape
          Shofu Dura White Stones
               Contra Angel (CA) Shape
               Friction Grip (FG) Shape
               Handpiece (HP) Shape
          Shofu Porcelain Kits
          Zirc Cut Zirconia Polisher
     Arbor Bands
          Buffalo Dental Arbor Bands
          Keystone Field Abrasive Rolls
     Composite Polishing
          Axis White Silicone Polisher
          Brass Center Snap on Discs
               Coarse Discs
               Fine Discs
               Medium Discs
          Caulk Enhance
          Caulk Enhance Mini
          Caulk Enhance PoGo
          Ivoclar Astropol
          Ivoclar Politip
          Kerr Occlubrush Polishers
          Shofu CompoSite
          Shofu OneGloss
          Shofu OneGloss PS
          Shofu Super Snap
          Sof Lex Contour & Polish Disc
               Contour & Polish Discs
               Extra Thin Discs
               Square Eyelet Discs
          Sof Lex Spiral Wheels
          Sof Lex System Kit
          SS White Jazz Supreme
     Finishing Materials
          3M Sof Lex Mandrels
          Arborband Mandrels
          E C Moore Mandrels
          Keystone Mandrels
          Luminescence Mandrels
          Miltex Mandrels
          Super Snap Mandrels
     Polishing Pastes
          CompoSite Polishing Paste
          DiaGlaze Polishing Pastes
          Embrace Wetbond Seal n Shine
          Luminescence Plus
          Master Dent Polishing Paste
          Nupro Shimmer Polishing Paste
          Prisma Gloss
          Shammy Bright Polishing Paste
     Preparation & Finishing Kits
          Acrylic Adjustment Polish Set
          Goldstar Gold Polishing Set
          Kerr CeraGlaze Polishing Set
          Meisinger Luster Chairside Kit
          Meisinger Luster E.Max
          Premier Poli-Pro Disks
          Shofu Gold Polishing Kit
     Separating & Diamond Discs
          Diamond Disks (Discs)
          Keystone Econo Cutters
          Keystone Ultra Thin Disc
          3M Sof Lex Strips
          Axis SmartStrip
          GC Metal Strips
          Kerr Diamond Finishing Strips
          Kerr Perforated Diamond Strips
          Miltex Lightning Strips
          Parkway Cerisaw
          Premier Compo Strip
     Couplers & O Rings
           Swivel Attachments
          Handpieces High Speed
          Kavo Coupler O Ring
          Midwest Coupler O Rings
     Handpiece Parts & Accessories
          DCI HP Flush System
          Johnson Promident Bur Tools
          Johnson Promident Gasket
          Kavo Parts & Accessories
          Midwest RDH Freedom Sheath
          Midwest Tradition Cartridges
          Star Replacement Turbines
          StarDental Swivels
     Handpieces Air & Electric
          Coltene CanalPro CL2
          Coltene Strobex Ultron
          Dentamerica Micromax
          Quiet Air Handpieces
          Satelec SP Newtron Handpiece
          StarDental 430 Series
     Handpieces Low Speed
          JR Rand Contra Angles
          Midwest Contra Angle Sheath
          Midwest Push Button Heads
          Midwest RDH Handpiece
          Nupro Freedom Cordless
          ProphyPal Hygiene Handpiece
          SonicFill Handpiece
          StarDental Prophy Star 3
          StarDental Titan 3 Handpiece
     HP Cleaners, Lubricants & Caps
          AseptiSpray Handpiece Cleaner
          Champ Lube Plus Oiler Pen
          Johnson Promident Spray
          Junk Out Chuck Cleaner
          Kavo Spray & Nozzle
          Kerr SonicFill
          Midwest Automate System
          Midwest Plus Lubricant
          Midwest Spray Guards
          Star DentaLube Lubricant
          Young Champ Lube
     Replacement Bulbs & Light Sys
          DCI Replacement Bulbs
          Dentsply Replacement Bulb
          Kavo Replacement Bulbs
Impression Products
          Caulk Jeltrate Aliginate
          Caulk Jeltrate Chroma
          Caulk Jeltrate Dustless
          Caulk Jeltrate Plus
          Ivoclar AccuDent XD
          Kerr Identic DustFree
          Kerr KromaFaze
          Lascod Kromopan 100
          Parkell TriPhasix
          Pentron Image Alginate
          Quala Alginate
          Septodont Plastalgin
          Unipack Cavex Alginate
          Zhermack Hydrogum & 5
               Hydrogum 5 Aliginate
               Hydrogum Aliginate
          Zhermack Tropicalgin
     Alginates Substitute
          3M Imprint 4 Preliminary
          3M Imprint 4 Preliminary Penta
          Caulk Algin-X Ultra
          Caulk Algin-X Ultra Deca
          DMG StatusBlue
          Kerr AlgiNot Alginate
          Kulzer Xantasil
          Quala Alginate Subsistute
          Sultan Silgimix Alginate
     Bite Registration
          All Dental Prodx
          Caulk Regisil 2X
          Coltene Jet Bite & Blue Bite
               Jet BIte
               Jet Blue Bite
          Defend Bite Registration
          Imprint 4 Bite Registration
          Ivoclar Bite Registration
          Kerr Take 1 Advanced
          Kulzer Memosil 2
          Parkell Blu Mousse VPS
          Parkell Green Mousse
          Pentron Correct Plus
          Pentron Correct Quick
          Quala Bite Registration
          Sultan Genie Bite Registration
     Cartridge Dispensing Guns
          3M Dispensing Guns
          Bosworth Dispenser Gun
          Caulk Dispensing Guns
          Coltene Dispensing Guns
          Defend Dispensing Guns
          Parkway Dispensing Guns
     Impression Compound & Paste
          Kerr Impression Compound
          Waterpik Opotow ZOE Paste
     Impression Material
     Impression Syringes
          3M Elastomeric Syringe
          3M Intra Oral Syringe
          Ho Dental Mojo Syringe
          Ivoclar AccuDent XD Syringe
          Kerr Free Flo Syringe
          Penta Elastomer Syringe
          Vista Disposable Syringe
     Impression Trays
          Bite Trays
               Dentamerica Polybite
               Dentsply First Bite Trays
               GC America Check Bite Trays
               Kerr Kwik Impression Tray
               Pentron 3 in 1 Trays
               Premier NeoTray
               Premier T-Loc Triple Tray
               Premier Triple Tray
               Quala Bite Trays
               Sani Trays Dual Arch
               Sultan 3 Way Trays
          Metal Trays
               Rim Lock Metal Trays
               Superior Impression Trays
          Plastic Trays
               3M Directed Flow Trays
               3M ESPE Directed Flow Trays
               Bosworth Edent TrayAways
               BoTrays Disposable Trays
               Hager Mini Tray
               Hager Miratray
               Ivoclar AccuDent XD Trays
               Kerr Originate Trays
               Parkway Disposable Trays
               President AC Trays
               President Trays
               Sultan DenTray II
               Tray Aways Disposable Trays
               Vista Impression Trays
               Waterpik Master Trays
               Waterpik Sani Trays
               Waterpik TRA Tens Trays
          Spacer Trays
               Shelf Spacer Tray
     Intraoral, Mixing, & Syringe Tips
          Intra Oral & Mixing Tips
               3M Mixing Tips
               Coltene Whaledent Mixing Tips
               Danville Mixing Tips
               Dentsply Caulk Mixing Tips
               DMG America Mixing Tips
               Kerr Mixing Tips
               Kulzer Mixing Tips
               Mydent Defend Mixing Tips
               NDC Pro Adv Mixing Tips
               Parkway Mixing Tips
               Pentron Mixing Tips
               Quala Mixing Tips
               Sultan Mixing Tips
          Syringe Tips
               AccuDent XD Syringe Tips
               Centrix Access Mix Tips
     Mixing Pads, Bowls & Spatulas
          3M ESPE Mixing Pads
          3M Mixing Pads
          Coltene Hygenic Mix Bowl
          EPR Mixing Pads
          Hager Aliginate Mix Bowl
          Ivoclar Water Vial
          Palmero Ergonomic Spatulas
          Palmero Sure Sta Mixing Pads
          Pulpdent Mini Bowls
          Impregum F
          Impregum Penta Medium
          Impregum Penta Soft
               Quick Step Refill
               Soft Refill
          Impregum Soft Polyther
               Quick Step Refill
               Soft Refill
          Impregum Super Quick
     Rubber Base
          Coltoflax Putty Silicone
          CutterSil Mucosa
          CutterSil Universal Adhesive
          CutterSil Universal Hardeners
          Trixa Lab Matrix
     Tray Adhesives
          3M VPS Tray Adhesive
          Caulk VPS Tray Adhesive
          Correct VPS Tray Adhesive
          Defend Vinyl Tray Adhesive
          Ivoclar AccuDent Tray Adhesive
          Kerr VPS Tray Adhesive
          SciCan Tray Adhesive
          TAC Tray Adhesive
          Universal VPS Tray Adhesive
          Waterpik Hold Tray Adhesive
     Tray Cleaner
          EPR Industries
          GC Coe Tray Cleaner
     Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS)
          3M Dimension VPS Materials
               Dimension Garant L
               Dimension Penta H & Penta L
          3M Express VPS Material
          3M Imprint 3 VPS Materials
               Imprint 3 Garant
               Imprint 3 Penta
          3M Imprint 4 VPS Materials
               Imprint 4 Garant
               Imprint 4 Penta
          3M Imprint II VPS Materials
          3M Paradigm VPS Materials
          Caulk Aquasil VPS Materials
               Aquasil Ultra
               Aquasil Ultra + (plus)
               Aquasil Ultra + (plus) Deca
               Aquasil Ultra + (plus) Digit
               Aquasil Ultra Cordless
               Aquasil Ultra Deca
               Aquasil Ultra Digit
               Aquasil Ultra Xtra & Deca
          Centrix Access Blue VPS
          Coltene Affinis VPS Materials
               Affinis MicroSystem
               Affinis Precious
               Affinis Putty
               Affinis System 360
               Affinis System 75
          Coltene Lab Putty
          Danville First Quarter
          Danville Star VPS
          Defend VPS Impress Material
          Defend VPS Putty
          Dentsply Reprosil Cartridge Sys
          DMG Honigum VPS Material
               Honigum Automix
               Honigum Mixstar
               Honigum Pro
          GC Exafast VPS Materials
               Exafast NDS
               Exafast Putty
          GC Examix NDS
          Heraeus Flexitime VPS Mats
               Flexitime Dynamix
               Flexitime VPS Material
               Flexitime Xtreme 2
          Ivoclar Sil-Tech
          Kerr Extrude VPS
          Kerr Take 1 Advanced
          Parkell Cinch VPS
          Parkway VPS 380ML
          Pentron Correct VPS Mats
               Correct Plus
               Correct VPS Putty
          Quala Vinyl Polysiloxane VPS
          Sultan Genie VPS Materials
               Genie Magic Mix
               Genie Putty VPS
               Genie VPS Impression Material
          Zhermack Elite HD
               Elite HD+ Impression Material
               Elite HD+ Putty Refills
Infection Control
      Air Water & Syringe Tips
          ADEC AW Autoclavable Tips
          Crosstex Sparkle Disp AW Tips
          DCI Air Water Syringe Tips
          Defend EZ AW Disposable Tips
          Dentsply Prof AW Fastips
          Dentsply Prof Sani Tips
          JP Weltex AW Syringe Tips
          Kerr Safe-Tips Disposable Tips
          Parkway AW Syringe Tips
          Parkway Crystal AW Disp Tips
          Pinnacle Seal Tight AW Tips
          Sultan FlashTips AW Tips
          Palmero Alcohol Dispenser
     Barrier Protection
          Barrier Covers & Films
               Crosstex Barrier Films
               Defend Barrier Films
               Dynarex Towel Drapes
               J Morita Bite Block
               Kavo Diagnodent Barriers
               Kerr Allrap Barrier Film
               Palmero Barrier Films
               Pinnacle Cover All
               Quala Barrier Films
               Steri Shield Multi Use Barrier
               VITA Easyshade Sleeves
          Chair & Stool Covers
               Allrap Slip N Grip Chair Cover
               Brixton Chair Cover
               Defend Chair Sleeves
               Pinnacle Chair Sleeves
               Plasdent Chair Sleeve & Covers
               Quala Chair Cover
          Curing Light Sleeves
               Coltene Curing Light Sleeves
               Dentsply Handpiece Cover
               Pinnacle Cure Sleeve
               Pinnacle Curing Light Sleeve
               SDI Curing Light Sleeves
               Steri-Shield Curelastic Barrier
               TIDI Shield Curing Light Sleeve
          Headrest Covers (HRC)
               AMD Pillowcase
               Brixton Headrest Covers
               Crosstex Headrest Covers
               Hooker Sales Headrest Covers
               Hooker Sales Patient Throw
               Pinnacle Headrest Cover
               Tidi Headrest Covers
          Keyboard Covers
               Palmero Keyboard Films
          Light & Light Handle Covers
               Brixton T-Bar Light Sleeves
               Defend Light Handle Sleeves
               Diposa Shield T-bar Sleeves
               Medicom SafeShield
               Pinnacle T Style Light Sleeves
               Quala Light Handle Cover
          Syringe & Handpiece Sleeves
               Brixton Syringe Sleeves
               Defend Syringe Sleeves
               Dentsply Syringe Covers
               Metrex Syringe Sleeve
               Pinnacle Syringe Sleeves
               Plasdent AW Syringe Sleeeve
               Practicon Denta Sleeve
          Tray Sleeves
               Allrap Tray Sleeve
               Brixton Tray Sleeves
               Pinnacle Tray Sleeves
               Quala Tray Barrier
               Tray Covers
          X-Ray Sleeve & Sensor Cover
     Dental Washer Solutions
          Miele ProCare Dent
          Miele ProCare Universal
     Disposable Gowns & Jackets
          Defend Disposable Gown
          Defend Lab Full Length Coat
          Defend Lab Hip Length Jacket
          Medicom SafeWear Jackets
               Dark Blue
               Light Blue
          Parkway Lab Coats
          Pro Advantage Isolation Gown
          Unipack Lab Coats
          Unipack Lab Jackets
          ValuMax Extra Safe Coats
               Ceil Blue
               Light Pink
               Sky Blue
          ValuMax Extra Safe Jackets
               Ceil Blue
               Light Pink
               Sky Blue
          Valumax Isolation Gowns
          ValuMax Surgical Caps
     Face Masks
          3M Masks
               Flat Ear Loop Face Mask
               Fluid Resistant Molded Masks
               Tie On Face Masks
               Triple Layer Molded Masks
          Alpha ProTech Masks
          Certol Shield Masks
          Cranberry Masks
               Repel 4PLY Masks
               S3 ACE Face Mask
               S3 Mint Face Mask
          Crosstex Masks
               IsoFluid FogFree
               IsoFluid Plus
               Isolite Face Masks
               Procedural Earloop Mask
               SecureFit IsoFluid & FogFree
               SecureFit Procedural
               SecureFit Ultra Sensitive
               Surgical Molded Masks
               Surgical Tie On Mask
               Ultra & Ultra FogFree
               Ultra Sensitive & FogFree
          Defend by Mydent Masks
               Anti Fog Dual Fit Face Mask
               Breathe EZ Dual Fit
               Defend Molded Face Masks
               Defend Plus Procedural Dual Fit
               Dual Fit Ear Loop Face Mask
               Standard Procedure Dual Fit
          EcoBee BeeSure Masks
          Halyard (Kimberly Clark) Masks
               Fluidshield 1 Masks
               Fluidshield 2 Masks
               Fluidshield 3 Masks
               Molded Face Masks
               Procedure Masks
               So Soft Procedure Masks
               Surgical Masks
          Maytex Masks
               Comfort Earloop Masks
               Multi Color Earloop Mask
          Medicom Masks
               Safe+Mask Premier
               Safe+Mask Premier Elite
               Safe+Mask Premier Plus
               Safe+Mask SofSkin
          Molnlycke Masks
               Barrier Earloop Mask
          Quala Masks
               Earloop Level 1 Masks
               Surgical Molded Masks
          Richmond Masks
          Sultan Healthcare Masks
               Com Fit Mask
               Com Fit Plush Mask
          TC Dental Masks
          TIDI Face Masks
          Valumax Masks
               Extra Safe Earloop Masks
               Extra Safe Sensitive Masks
               Valumax Ultra 3 in 1 Masks
               Valumax Ultra 3 in 1 w Visor
     Face Shields & Eyewear
          Bifocal Safety Eyewear
          Crosstex Face Shield
          Hager Safety Eyewear
          Hager Uvex Eyewear
          Hager Uvex Genesis Eyewear
          iVisor Face Shield
          J&J Barrier Eyewear
          Lens Splash Shield
          Palmero Eye Savers
          Palmero Safety Glasses
          Palmero Tech Specs
          Pinnacle Googles Eye Shields
          Pro Vision Econo Wrap
          Pro Vision See Breez
          Glove Dispenser & Misc
               GF Finger Cots
               Medline Cotton Glove Liners
               Palmero Glove Box Holder
               Plasdent Glove Dispener
          Latex Powder Free Gloves
               Ansell Gloves
               BeeSure Gloves
               Cranberry Gloves
               Denticator Zooby
               Emerald Gloves
               Microflex Gloves
               Quala Gloves
               Sempermed Gloves
               Sunshine Aurelia
          Nitrile Gloves
               ADC Nitraderm Gloves
               Alasta Gloves
               Ansell Micro Touch
               Aurelia Gloves
               Cranberry Gloves
               Crosstex Gloves
               Dash Medical Gloves
               Dynarex Gloves
               Emerald Gloves
               Halyard (Kimberly Clark)
               Hu Friedy Gloves
               Medline Gloves
               Microflex Gloves
               Nitra Stretch Gloves
               Quala Exam Gloves
               Sempermed StarMed Plus
          Surgical Sterile Gloves
               Ansell Encore Sensi Touch
               Ansell Neoprene Gloves
          Vinyl & Chloroprene Gloves
               Ammex Vinyl Exam Gloves
               Dash Vinyl PF Exam Gloves
               Halyard Flexaprene Gloves
               Kimberly Clark Synthetic Plus
               Micro Touch Denta-Glove
               Microflex NeoPro Exam Gloves
               Quala Vinyl Exam Gloves
     Hand Soap, Cleaners & Lotion
          Avagard D Hand Antiseptic
          Crosstex SaniTyze
          Derma Scrub Creme Soap
          Dial Liquid
          Glove N Care Hand Cream
          Hibiclens Hand Wash
          Kleenex Hand Sanitizer
          Monarch Hand Lotion
          Purell Hand Sanitizer & Soap
          Septodont Hand Cream
          Sterillium Comfort Gel
          Sultan Moist SURE
          Vionex Liquid Soap
          Vionex No Rinse Gel
          Vionex Skin Lotion
          VioNexus No Rinse Spray
     Infection Control Products
     Sharps & Disposal Container
          BD Sharp Container
          Bemis Sharp Container
          Crosstex Sharp Container
          Monoject Sharps Container
          Phlebotomy Sharps Container
          SharpSafety Sharp Container
          Sharps-A-Gator Container
          SharpStar Sharp Container
          SMS Mail Back Disp Container
     Spill Kits & Waste Supplies
          MS Biohazard Bag
          MS Chemical Spill Kit
          WCM Foilgon
          Zirc Handi Hopper
     Sterilants & Disinfectants
          Alcohol & Dispensers
               EPR Industries
          Disinfectant & Surface Cleaners
               Biotrol Birex SE
               Biotrol Opti Cide 3
               Certol ProSpray & C-60
               Cetylite Cetylcide II
               Clorox Citrace Deodorizer
               Coltene BioSonic Wipeout
               Crosstex See Clear Lens Wipes
               GC COEfect Minute Spray
               Metrex CaviCide1
               Palmero DisCide Ultra
               Parkway Formula 305
               SciCan Optim 1 & 33TB
               Sultan Lysol IC Disinfectant
          Disinfecting Wipes
               Biotrol Birex Quat
               Biotrol Opti Cide 3
               Certol ProSpray Wipes
               Coltene BioSonic Wipeout
               Crosstex Sani Cloth
               Crosstex Sanitex Plus
               Metrex CaviWipes & 1
               Monarch Disinfectant Wipes
               Palmero DisCide Ultra
               SciCan Optim 1 & 33TB
               Sultan VoloWipes
          Sterilants & Disinfecting Sol
               ADC Peroxide
               Aldex Aldehyde Disposal Sys
               Banicide Plus
               Biotrol Biocide G30
               Certol V-Cide Sterilant
               Cetylite Cetylcide G
               Crosstex SaniTex Plus
               GC Coecide XL & XL Plus
               Johson & Johnson Cidex
               Metrex Metricide & Plus 30
               Metrex MetriMist
               Metrex Procide D
               ProCare Universal 61
               Sultan Sporox II
               Tuttnauer Carbon Filters
     Steriliz Monitors & Indicator
           Biological Monitors
          ConFirm Sterilizer Monitor
          ConFirm Value Test
          Crosstex Sure Check Strips
          Dry Heat Indicator Labels
          EMS Mail In Biological Monitor
          Nyclave TTS Indicator Labels
          PassPort Sterilizer Monitor Serv
          Steam & Dry Heat Indicator
     Sterilization & Autoclave
          Autoclave & Sterilizers
          Autoclave Bag & Pouches
               CPAC SteriSure Dry Heat Bag
               Crosstex Pouches
               Defend Sterilization Pouch
               Kerr Peelvue Pouches
               Medicom SafeSeal Quattro
               Quala Pouches
               Sultan Assure Plus
          Autoclave Cleaners
               EPR Industries
               Midmark Speed Clean
               Tuttnauer Chamber Brite
          Biological Monitors
               3M Attest Biological Monitoring
               Crosstex Confirm 24 In Office
               Crosstex Confirm Bio Monitor
               Hu Friedy SporeCheck In Office
               SPS Medical SporView BI Sys
          Sterilization Cassette & Access
               Hu Friedy IMS Accessories
               Hu Friedy IMS Cassettes
               IMS 8 Double Decker Cassettes
               IMS Space Saver Seven
               Zirc EZ Jett Cassette 5
               Zirc Steri Instrument Container
          Sterilization Tape & Wrap
               Crosstex Indicator Tape
               Crosstex Sterilization Wrap
               Defend Autoclave Tape
               Hu Friedy IMS Autoclave Wrap
               Hu Friedy IMS Monitor Tape
               Hu Friedy IMS Tape Dispenser
               Hu Friedy IMS Universal Wrap
               Kimguard KC100 Steri Wrap
               Quala Sterilization Wrap
          Sterilization Trays
               Cidex Instr Sterilizing Tray
               Midmark Sterilization Trays
               Pascal Tap & Slide Tray
          Tubing & Sealer
               Defend Sterilization Tubing
               Septodont Sterilization Tubing
               Young Impulse Heat Sealer
     Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions
          Autoclave Cleaners
          Biotrol Ultrasonic Solutions
          Coltene BioSonic
          Defend Enzymatic Tablets
          Dentronix MPUS Plus
          EPR Ultrasonic Solutions
          Evacuation System Cleaners
          Hu Friedy IMS Daily Clean
          Hu Friedy IMS Enyzmax
          Kulzer VibraKleen E2
          L&R Tartar, Light Stain
          L&R Temp Cement Remover
          Metrex EmPower
          Premier Brite Shield
          Premier Pro Clean
          Quala Enzymatic Detergent
          Sultan Cleanlet Cleaning Tablet
          Sultan ReSurge
          Tuttnauer Clean & Simple
          Tuttnauer Kleenwise
     Waterline Cleaners & Access
          Adec ICX
          Air Tech Monarch Lines
          Crosstex Liquid Ultra
          DentaPure Waterline
          Hu Friedy VistaTab Cleaner
          Mint A Kleen
          Parkell Waterline Filter
          ProEdge Blu Tab
          ProEdge Waterline Test Kit
          Sterisil Citrisil & Shock
          Sterisil Waterline Cartridge
          Cleaners & Lubricants
               Instrument Cleaning Brush
               Removalon I Dry Pack
               Sparkle Liquid Cleaner
               Young Lorvic Surgical Milk
          Instrument Mats
               Dux Steri Mat
          Mouth Gags & Props
               J&J Inst Molt Mouth Gags
          Procedure Tubs & Racks
               Dux S Tub & Accessories
               Zirc EZ Storage Oranizer
               Zirc Multi Mod Rack
               Zirc Procedure Tubs & Access
               Zirc Tub Cups
          Set Up Trays & Cover
               Certol Protray
               Dux Set Up Mini Trays
               Dux Setup Trays Flat
               Plasdent Set Up Trays
               Zirc Divided Trays B-Lok
               Zirc Flat Trays B-Lok
               Zirc Mini Set Up Trays
          Sharpening & Stones
               Hu Friedy Plastic Test Sticks
               Hu Friedy Sharpening Stones
               Hu Friedy Sidekick Sharpener
               J&J Instrument Shapen Stone
               Ultimate Edge Sharpening Kit
          Tissue Punches
               Miltex Biopsy Punches
     Color Code Rings & Tape
          Dux Color Code Rings
          Hu Friedy Color Code Rings
          Hu Friedy Color Tab
          Miltex Silitone Color Bands
          Moore Tape N Tell Code Tape
          Pulpdent CC Rings
          Zirc E-Z ID Rings
               EZ ID Rings Large
               EZ ID Rings Small
          Zirc E-Z ID Tape Roll
          Zirc E-Z ID Tape System
     Cord Packers
          Hu Friedy Cord Packers
          Pascal Cord Packers
          Premier Cord Packers
     Instrument Products
     Instruments Diagnostic
          Butler Clear Dip
          Cetylite Dee Fog Anti Fog
          Cotton & Dressing Pliers
               Hu Friedy Dressing Plier
               J&J Instruments
               Miltex Instruments
               Nordent Dressing Pliers
               Premier Instruments
          EPR Industries
          Explorers & Probes
               Addent Microlux Probe
               Hu Friedy Colorvue Probes
               Hu Friedy Explorers
               Hu Friedy Qulix Probes
               J&J Instruments Explorers
               Premier Explorers
               Premier PremierAir Probex
               Premier Probes
               Hu Friedy Expros
               J&J Instruments Expros
          Fracture Detectors
               Tooth Slooth Fracture Detector
     Instruments Hygiene
               A Titan Implant Curette
               Hu Friedy Barnhart Curette
               Hu Friedy Columbia Curettes
               Hu Friedy EverEdge Curettes
               Hu Friedy Gracey Curettes
               Hu Friedy Implacare II
               Hu Friedy McCall Curette
               JJ Inst Gracey Curettes
               Nordent Relyant Curettes
               Paradise Columbia Curettes
               Paradise Gracey Curettes
               Paradise Universal Curettes
               Premier Air Curettes
               Premier Barnhart Curettes
               Premier Columbia Curettes
               Premier Gracey Curettes
          Periodontal Instruments
               Hu Friedy Periodontal Knives
               American Eagle Implant Scalers
               Hu Friedy EverEdge Scalers
               Hu Friedy Hygienist Scaler
               Hu Friedy Sickle Scalers
               J&J Instruments Scalers
               Nordent Implant Scalers
               Nordent Relyant Scalers
               Paradise Sickle Scalers
               Premier Implant Scalers DE
               Premier PremierAir Scaler
               Premier Scalers & Sickle Scaler
          Scalers & Currettes
     Instruments Operative
          Burnisher, Carriers & Pluggers
               Arnel Amalgam Carriers
               Hu Friedy CF II
               J&J Instr Amalgam Carriers
               Premier Amalgam Pluggers
               Premier Burnishers
               Hu Friedy Carvers
               J&J Instruments
               Premier Carvers
          Cavity Liner Placer Instrument
          Composite & Plastic Filling
               A Titan Instruments
               Hu Friedy DE Plastic Filling
               Hu Friedy Goldstein & XTS
               Hu Friedy Goldstein Flexi Thin
               Hu Friedy Satin Steel XTS
               Ivoclar OptraSculpt
               Ivoclar OptraSculpt Pad
               J&J Instruments PFI
               Kerr CompoRoller
               Plastic Fillings
               Premier Composite Instruments
               Premier Plastic Filling
               Premier Slix Instrument
          Crown Remover & Spreader
               Gingi Pak Nemetz
               Hu Friedy Crown Remover
               Premier Crown Remover
               Richwil Crown Remover
               America Eagle Exacavators
               Hu Friedy Excavators
               J&J Instruments Excavators
               Premier Exacavators
     Instruments Orthodontic
          Hu Friedy Cutters & Wire
          J&J Inst Ortho Distal End Cutter
     Instruments Surgical
          Elevators & Root Tip Pick
               A Titan Elevators
               Hu Friedy Elevators
               Hu Friedy Periosteal
               J&J Instr Cryer Elevators
               J&J Instr Heidbrink
               Nordent Surgical Elevators
               Premier Surgical Elevators
          Endo Instruments
          Forceps & Pilers
               GC America Pliers
               Hu Friedy Forceps
               J&J Instruments Forceps
               Miltex Forceps
               Nordent Forceps
               Premier Forceps
          Needle Holders & Hemostats
               Hu Friedy Hemostats
               J&J Instruments Hemostat
               J&J Needle Holders
               Nordent Needle Holders
          Retractors & Bone File
               ComfortView Retractors
               Premier Bone File
               Hu Friedy Rongeurs
               J&J Instruments Rongeurs
               Premier Rongeurs
               Hu Friedy Scissors
               J&J Instruments Scissors
               Miltex Scissors
               Nordent Scissors
               Premier Scissors
               SyrbonEndo Microsurgical
          Surgical Chisels
               Periodontal Chisels
     Lab Knives
          Buffalo Plaster Knife
          Vista Lab Knives
     Mirrors & Handles
          Buffalo Dental Hand Mirrors
          DenLite Illuminated Mirrors
          GUM Mouth Mirror
          Hu Friedy Mirror Handles
          Hu Friedy Mirrors
          Miltex Indian Head Mirrors
          Miltex Intra Oral Mirrors
          Miltex Mirror Handles
          Miltex Mouth Mirrors
          Palmero Hand Mirror
          Parkway Mirrors
          Premier Mirrors
          Quala Mirror Handles
          Quala Mirrors
          Vista Disposable Mouth Mirrors
          Hager Cheek & Lip Retractors
          HF Cheek & Tissue Retractors
          Ivoclar OptraGate Retractor
          J&J Cheek & Lip Retractors
          Plasdent Cheek Retractor
          Premier Retractor
          Dixon Dispatula
          Dux Dental Spatula
          Dycal Placement Instrument
          Hu Friedy Spatula & Placer
          J&J Instrumnet Spatulas
          Palmero Cement Spatula
          Premier Cement Spatula
          Premier Wax Spatula
          Zirc Mighty Mixer Spatula
Laboratory Products
     Articulators Miscellaneous
     Blasting Compound
          Danville Aluminum Oxide
          Keystone Aluminum Oxide
          Keystone Glass Beads
     Brushes & Buffs
          Axis Bristle Brushes
          Buffalo Lead Center Muslin
          Dixon Lab Brushes
          Dixon Red Sable Brushes
          Hatho Miniature Scotch Brite
          Keystone Chamois Buffs
          Keystone Felt Cones
          Keystone Hatho Poly Buffs
          Keystone Lathe Brushes
          Keystone Lead Center Buffs
          Keystone Muslin Buffs
          Keystone Red Sable Brushes
     Bulbs & Lamps
          Bulbworks Replacement Bulbs
          CH Replacement Bulbs
          DCI Replacement Bulbs
          Midmark Replacement Lamps
          Quala Replacement Bulbs
          Almore Surfactant Debubblizer
          Parkway WonderFill
     Denture Base Materials
          Trubyte Triad Custom Tray
          Trubyte Triad VLC
     Laboratory Equipment
     Laboratory Miscellaneous
          Arbor Bands & Chuck
               Keystone Arbor Band Chuck
               Keystone Arbor Bands
               Keystone HB Arbor Bands
          Buffalo Hot Plates
          Coltene Rubber Tubing
          E-Z Access Shelf
          Keystone Lab Pans
          Klean All Boil Out Agent
          Lab Wire & Mesh
               Keystone Clasp Wire
               Keystone Wire Mesh
          Magnetic Mounting Plates
          Mizzy Silicone Emulsion
          Model Trimmers Accessories
               Buffalo Model Trimmers Access
               Handler Safety Shield
          Saw Frams & Blades
               Keystone Wheel Saw
               Pfingst Ribbon Saw Blades
          Softtissue Moulage
          Trubyte Silicone Spray
     Liquid Foil
          Keystone Kefoil
          Lang Liquid Foil
     Model Formers & Stones
          Columbia Dentoform
          Keystone Model Storage Box
     Plaster Traps
          Gleco Trap Plaster Traps
          Trap Eze Plaster Trap
          Trap Eze SS Self Sanitizing
     Plaster, Die & Lab Stone
          Die Stone
               GC Fujirock EP
               Heraeus Die Keen
               Heraeus Die Keen Resin
               Heraeus Die Stone
               Kerr Vel Mix Die Stone
               Parkway Die Stone
               Whip Mix Prima Rock
               Whip Mix Silky Rock
          Lab & Buff Stone
               Castone Dental Stone
               Heraeus Denstone
               Heraeus Labstone
               Parkway Labstone
               Whip Mix Buff & Ortho Stone
               Whip Mix Resinrock
               Whip Mix Snap Stone
               Heraeus Lab Plaster
               Kerr Snow White Plaster
               Ortho Stone
               Parkway Plaster
               Whip Mix Lab Plaster
               Whip Mix Mounting Stone
     Pumice & Resilience
          Garreco Resilence
          Keystone Pumice Powder
          Miltex Pumice
          Whip Mix Pumice Preppies
     Vaccum Forming Materials
          Buffalo Bleaching Tray Material
          Keystone Proform Niteguard
          Keystone Splint Materials
          Soft EVA Mouthguard
          Vaccum Forming Machine
Matrix Materials
     Matrix Accessories
          Caulk AutoMatrix Accessories
          Caulk Paldoent Plus Access
          Premier Wedge Organizer
     Matrix Bands and Strips
          3M Matrix Tape & Dispenser
          Arnel Tofflemire Matrix Bands
          Blue Cure Thru Matrix Bands
          GC Epitex Matrix Strips
          Medicom Pro Matrix Band
          Miltex Matrix Bands
          Mylar Matrix Strips & Tape
          Parkell Gripper Copper Bands
          Pulpdent T Bands
          Temrex Matrix Rolls
          Waterpik Dead Soft Matrix Band
          Waterpik Tofflemire Matrix Band
          Young Ho Matrix Bands
     Matrix Retainers
          Miltex Tofflemire Retainers
          Parkway Tofflemire Retainers
          Tofflemire II Matrix Retainers
     Matrix Systems
          Caulk AutoMatrix
          Caulk Palodent Plus EZ Coat
          Caulk Palodent Plus Matrix Sys
               Maxtrix Refills
               Ring Refills
               Wedge Refills
               Wedgeguard Refills
          Caulk Palodent Sectional Matrix
          Danville Contact Matrix
          Garrison SuperMat
          Premier Cure Thru Cervical
          Premier Sycamore Wood
          Waterpik Wizard Anatomical
          Waterpik Wizard Wedges
     Bite Blocks & Sticks
          Aidaco Bite Sticks
          Dixon Cottonwood Sticks
     Burners & Torches
          Blazer Micro Torch
          Hager APT III Econo Burner
          Wall Lenk Lab Burners
          Whip Mix Touch O Matic
     Dental Bags, Toys & Stickers
          Dental Bags & Pouch
          Dental Stickers
          JR Rand Toys
          Sherman Toys
     Denture & Retainer Boxes
          Keystone Diamond D Cups
          Keystone Retainer Boxes
          Zirc Denture Box
          Zirc Retainer Box
     First Aids & Safety Labels
          Blood Pressure Monitor
          Eye Wash Stations
          Medical Safety System Labels
     Glass Beaker & Container
          DVS Beaker & Container
          L&R Glass Beaker
          Bone Wax
          Emesis Basin Plastic
     Misc Materials
     Mouth Props
          Miltex Mouth Props
          Practicon Mouth Props
          Rinn Mouth Props
     Office Products
          EPR Screen Cleaner
Pins & Posts
          Coltene TMS Kodex Drills
          Coltene TMS Link Plus
          Coltene TMS Link Series
          Fairfax Stabilok Dentin Pins
          J&S Filpin System
     Posts Accessories & Lab
          DuraLay Plastic Pins
          EDS External Wrench
     Posts Metal
          Coltene ParaPost Drills
          Coltene ParaPost Plus
               Stainless Steel Post
               Titanium Post
          Coltene ParaPost XH
          Coltene ParaPost XP
               Stainless Steel Posts
               Titanium Posts
          Coltene ParaPost XT
               Drills Refill
               Titanium Post
          EDS Flexi Flange
               Stainless Steel Posts
               Titanium Posts
          EDS Flexi Post
               Stainless Steel Posts
               Titanium Posts
          Maillefer Radix Anker
          Miltex Precision Posts
               Stainless Steel Posts
               Titanium Posts
          Parkway Screw Posts
          Premier IntegraDrills
          Premier IntegraPost
     Posts Metal Free
          3M Rely X Fiber Post
          Coltene ParaPost Fiber Lux
          Coltene ParaPost Plastic Refill
          Coltene ParaPost Taper Lux
          Coltene ParaPost XP Burnout
          Dentatus Luscent Anchors
          Kerr Achromat Posts & Drills
          Pentron FibreKore Post System
     Air Polishing Powder
          Cavitron Jet Fresh Prophy
          Hu Friedy Air Flow Perio
          Kavo Prophy Pearls
     Disclosing Solutions & Misc
          Beutlich HurriView Swabs
          Sultan Disclosing Solutions
          Young 2 Tone
     Floss & Flossers
          Floss & Threaders
               Bridgeaid Floss Threader
               GUM ButlerWeave Floss
               GUM EasyThread floss
               GUM Eez Thru Floss Threader
               GUM Expanding Floss
               Listerine Dental Floss
               Listerine Ultraclean Floss
               Oral B Glide & Dispenser
               Oral B Glide Satin Floss
               Oral B Super Floss
               Quala Nylon Dental Floss
               Quala Teflon Dental Floss
               Reach Clean Burst Floss
               Reach Dentotape Floss
               Reach Floss Refills & Dispenser
               Reach Waxed Floss
          Floss Holders
               Flossaid Floss Holder
               GUM Flossmate Handle
          Flossers & Water Flossers
               GUM Crayola Kid Flossers
               GUM Eez Thru Flossers
               Listerine Ultraclean Flosser
               Platypus Ortho Flosser
               Waterpik Aquarius
               Waterpik Cordless
               Wild Flossers
     Fluorides & Trays
          Fluoride Gel & Foams (in-Office)
               3M Fluoride Gel
               Biotrol Perfect Choice APF
               Crosstex Zap Fluoride Gel
               DEE Gelato Fluoride Gel
               Dentsply Nupro Fluoride Foam
               Dentsply Nupro Fluoride Gel
               Medicom Denti Care NSF
               Oral-B Minute & Neutra Foam
               Sultan Topex 2% Neutral pH
               Sultan Topex 60 Sec Foam
               Sultan Topex APF 60 Sec Gel
               Zooby Fluoride Foam
          Fluoride Rinse (in-Office)
               Denticare Pro Rinse 2% NSF
               Nupro 2% Neutral Sodium
               PerioMed 0.63% Flouride Rinse
          Fluoride Trays
               Hinged EZ Fluoride Trays
               Nupro Dual Arch Fluoride Tray
               Oral-B Centwins Trays
               Quala Fluoride Trays
               Sultan Topex Fluoride Trays
               Zap Dual Arch Fluoride Trays
          Fluoride Varnishes
               3M CavityShield Varnish
               3M Fast Release Varnish
               3M Vanish 5% Sodium Flouride
               Centrix FluoroDose Varnish
               Crosstex Sparkle V Varnish
               Dentsply Nupro White Varnish
               DMG Kolorz ClearShield
               GC America MI Varnish
               Medicom Duraflor Halo
               Medicom Duraflor Varnish
               Premier Enamel Pro Varnish
               Premier Tastytooth Varnish
               Preventech Vella 5% Varnish
               Pulpdent Embrace Varnish
               Young D-Lish Varnish
               Young Varnish Pen
               Zooby 5% Sodium Fluoride
     Interdental Brushes & Cleaners
          GUM Proxabrush
               Go-Between Angle
               Go-Between Cleaners
               Go-Between Proxabrush
               Go-Between Ultra
               GUM Proxabrush Trav-Ler
          GUM Soft Picks
          GUM Stimulator
          GUM Tongue Cleaner
          Oral B Interdental Brush
          Plak Interproximal Brush
          Smile Brite Denture Cleaner
          Vista Tongue Cleaner
     Mouthwash, Oral Rinse & Spray
          CloSYS Oral Rinse
          Crest Pro Health Rinse
          GUM Canker-X Oral Gel
          GUM Paroex CHX Rinse
          GUM Rincinol Mouth Sore Rinse
          Listerine Cool Mint
          Listerine Smart Rinse
          Listerine Total Care
          Listerine Ultraclean
          Listerine Zero
          Nupro CHX Oral Rinse
          Parkway CHG Oral Rinse
          Peridex Oral Rinse
          Protexin Oral Rinse & Spray
     Oral Screening
          Addent BIO Screen
          Addent Microlux DL
          Danville Caries Finder
          Kurararay Caries Detector
          Pulpdent Snoop Caries Detect
          Vista Caries Indicator
     Preventive Miscellaneous
          Cavitron Accessories
          Fixodent Denture Adhesive
          Gum Aid Ointment
          Satelec Autoclavable Box
          Vista Pocket Probe Tips
     Preventive Products
     Prophy Angles, Brushes & Cups
          Prophy Angles Autoclavable
          Prophy Angles Disposable
                Pinnacle TotalCare
               Butler Sunstar
               Dentsply Nupro
               EPR Industries
               Hu Friedy
               Premier 2 Pro
               Quala DPA
               Sultan Healthcare
               Young Dental
          Prophy Brushes & Cups
               Dentamerica Prophy Brushes
               Dentamerica Prophy Cups
               Rinn Prophy Brush & Cups
               Waterpik Prophy Cups
               Young Prophy Cups
     Prophy Paste & Powder
          3M Clinpro Prophy Paste
          Acteon Air N Go Prophy Powder
          Biotrol Prophy Gems
          Butler Prophy Paste
          Caulk Zircate
          Crosstex Sparkle
          Crosstex Sparkle Free
          Denticator Combination packs
          Dentsply Nupro Extra Care
               Stain Removal
          Dentsply Nupro Prophy Jar
          Dentsply Nupro Prophy Paste
          DMG Kolorz
          Pascal Radent
          Premier Enamel Pro
          Premier Glitter
          Preventech Maxmin
          Preventech Nada Pumice
          Preventech Next
          Pumice & Resilience
          Quala Prophy Paste
          Sultan Topex Prep & Polish
          Sultan Topex Prophy Jar
          Sultan Topex Prophy Paste
          Waterpik Prophy Paste
          Young D Lish EZ Paks
          Young D Lish Prophy Paste
          Zooby Prophy Paste
     Prophy Rings & Dappen Dishes
          Comfy Grip Prophy Grips
          Hu Friedy Pumice Cup
          Pac Dent Prophy Ring
          Parkway Dappen Dishes
          Prophy Rings
          Temrex Dappen Dishes
          3M Clinpro Sealant
          GC Fuji Triage
          Ivoclar Helioseal Sealant
          Master Dent Pit & Fissure
          Pulpdent Embrace Pit & Fissure
          Pulpdent Seal Rite
          SDI Riva Protect
          Dr Fresh Toothbrushes
               Reach Toothbrushes
               SmileGuard Toothbrush
          Happy Morning Toothbrushes
          Lactona Denture Brush
          Oral B Toothbrushes
               Oral B Basics Solution Bundle
               Oral B Compete Sensitive
               Oral B Denture Brush
               Oral B End Tufted Brush
               Oral B Genius Power Brush
               Oral B Indicator Brush
               Oral B Orthodontic Brush
               Oral B Pro-Health Control Grip
               Oral B Stages Toothbrush
               Oral B Vitality Power Brush
          Quala Toothbrushes
               Adult Toothbrushes
               Child Toothbrushes
               Classic Toothbrushes
               Elite Toothbrushes
               Opaque Toothbrushes
          Sunstar GUM Toothbrushes
               GUM Classic Toothbrush
               GUM Crayola Toothbrushes
               GUM Denture & Post Surgical
               GUM Dome Trim & End Tuft
               GUM Micro & Super Tip
               GUM Monsterz Toothbrush
               GUM Orthodontic & Sulcus
               GUM Summit+ Toothbrush
               GUM Technique Toothbrushes
               GUM Travel Toothbrush
          3M Clinpro 5000
          CloSYS Toothpaste
          Crest + Oral B
          GC MI Paste (without Fluoride)
          GC MI Paste One
          GC MI Paste Plus (w Fluoride)
          GSK Sensodyne Toothpaste
          Kulzer Venus White
          Premier Enamelon
     Ultrasonic Inserts
Retraction Materials
     Cord Packing Instruments
     Hemostatic Materials & Solution
          Comprecap Anatomic
          Dryz Gingival Hemostatic
          Hemodent Liquid
          Kerr Hemogin-L
          Magic FoamCord
          Premier Retraction Caps
          Quick Stat
          Quick Stat Free
          Quick Stat FS
          Racegel Hemostatic
          Sultan Hemoban
          Traxodent Hemodent Paste
     Pellets & Cotton
          Pascal Racellet Pellets
     Retraction Cords
          Centrix GingiTrac & Minimix
          Dux GingiBraid Plus & Shortcut
               GingiBraid Plus
               GingiBraid Plus ShortCut
          Dux GingiKnit Plus
               Aluminum Potassium Sulfate
               Non Impregnanted
          Dux UniBraid Plus
          Gingi Pak Retraction Cords
               Gingi Pak Max Z-Twist
               Gingi Pak Original Cords
               Gingi Pak Soft Twist
               Gingi Pak Z Twist
          Pascal KnitTrax Plain Cord
          Pascal Racord & II Cords
               Racord II Retraction Cord
               Racord Retraction Cord
          Pascal Siltrax Braided Cords
               Siltrax AS Braided Cord
               Siltrax EPI Braided Cord
               Siltrax Plain Braided Cord
               Siltrax Plus Braided Cord
          Premier Knit Pak & Plus
               Knit Pak
               Knit Pak Plus
     Retraction Paste & Systems
          3M Astringent Retraction
          Acteon Expasyl Retraction
          Kerr Take 1 Retraction Paste
Small Equipment
     Air Abrasion, Polisher & Access
          Coltene Air Polisher Nozzles
          Danville MicroEtcher Quic Disc
          Danville PrepStart Nozzles
          Dentsply Jet Air Polish Nozzle
     Amalgam Separator & Access
          Acadia Amalgam Separator
          HG5 Collection Container
          Vector Amalgamators
     Apex Locator
     Autoclave & Sterilizers
          Air Techniques Compressor Oil
          DCI Water System
          Midmark Door Gasket
          RPI Sterilizer Parts
          SciCan STAT Dri Sterilizer
          SciCan Statim Gasket
          Tuttnauer Door Gasket
     Caries Detection Units
          Air Techniques Spacer
          Kavo Diagnodent
     Curing Light
          Bluephase LED Curing Light
          Coltolux LED Curing Light
          Elipar S10 Curing Light
          Kerr Demi Ultra Curing Light
          SDS LED 2000 Plus
          Select Maxi Cure Curing Light
          SmartLite Focus LED Light
          SmartLite Max LED
          SPEC 3 LED Curing Light
     Curing Light Accessories
          Ivoclar Curinge Light Shields
          Kerr Curing Light Guide
          Kerr DEMI Battery Pack
          Premier Cure Shield
     Electrosurgical Units
          Coltene PerFect TCS II
          Coltene Strobex Electrode
     Laboratory Equipment
          Buffalo Dental Vibrators
          Buffalo Model Trimmers
          Danville MacroCab Plus
          Danville MicroCab & Plus
          Handler Lathes & Access
          Therma Knife Complete System
          Whip Mix Vacuum Mixing Unit
          Accutron E Washers
          Dentsply Cavitron Water Filter
          Handler Filter & Collector
          SciCan Air Filter
          Sopro Life Intraoral Tip
          Timer Switch
     Shade Matching Lights & Units
     Ultrasonic Cleaning Units
          Coltene BioSonic UC125
          Coltene BioSonic UC300
          L&R Quantrex 140
          Quala Ultrasonic Cleaner
     Ultrasonic Inserts & Tips
          BioSonic Ultrasonic Insert
          Cavitron FSI PowerLINE
               25K FSI PWR Insert
               30K FSI PWR Insert
          Cavitron FSI SLI Slimline
               25K FSI SLI Insert
               30K FSI SLI Insert
          Cavitron SLI Slimline Metal
          Cavitron THINsert
          Cavitron Thru Flow TFI Inserts
          Hu Friedy Streamline Inserts
          Hu Friedy Swivel Direct Flow
          Hu Friedy Swivel Inserts
          JP Ultrasonic Inserts
          Premier Ultrasonic Inserts
          Satelec Ultrasonic Perio Tips
     Ultrasonic Scalers & Access
          Cavitron Select SPS Scaler
          Cavitron Steri Mate Sheath
          Coltene BioSonic US100R
          DualSelect Dispensing System
          Parkell Turbo Sensor
          SWERV 3 Magnetostrictive
          Ultrasonic Scaler Tips
               Satelec Apical Surgery Kit
               Satelec Apical Surgery Tip
          Ultrasonic Scaling Parts
               Satelec Wrench Tips
Surgical Products
     Bone Grafting Materials
          HeliMend Collagen Membrane
          J Morita Foundation
     Cold & Hot Packs
          Dynarex Instant Cold Pack
          Jack Frost Cold Packs
          Jack Frost Hot Cold Gels
          Kwik Kold Ice Pack
     IV Solutions & Sterile Water
          ADC Sodium Chloride
          DVS Sodium Chloride
          DVS Sterile Water
     Medicaments & Packing
          ADC Gelfoam
          Covidien Curity Packing Strips
          Ethicon Surgicel & Surgifoam
          HeliCote Collagen Dressing
          HeliPlug Collagen Dressing
          Young Ammonia Inhalants
     Periodontal Dressings
          Coe Pak & Automix NDS
          Medicom Hemostatic Dressing
          Reso Pac Periodeontal Dressing
          Sock It Hydrogel Dressing
     Surgical Blades & Scalpels
               Hu Friedy Scalpel Handles
          Scalpels Disposable
               ADC Disposable Scalpels
               BD Disposable Scalpels
               Miltex Disposable Scalpels
          Surgical Blades
               ADC Sterile Blades
               BD Surgeon
               BD Surgeon/Surgical Blades
               Miltex Surgical Blades
     Surgical Kits & Miscellaneous
          BD E-Z Scrub
          Flap & Suture Closure Kit
          Ethicon Suture Absorbable
               Chromic Gut
               Monocryl Sutures
               Plain Gut
               Vicryl Undyed Braided
               Violet Braided
          Ethicon Suture Non Absorbable
               Ethilon Nylon Sutures
               Misc. Sutures
               Perma Hand Black Braided
          Ethicon Vicryle Sutures
          Integra Miltex Sutures
          Look Sutures
               Chromic Gut
               Misc Sutures
               Plain Gut
               PolySyn Undyed
               Silk Black Braided
          Perma Sharp Sutures
               Chromic Gut
               Violet Polycolic (PGA)
          Quala Sutures
          Sutures & Suture Needles
     Baseplate & Bite Block Wax
          Coltene Baseplate Wax
          Coltene U Shaped Wax
          Dentsply Truwax
          Keystone Base Plate Wax
          Keystone Bite Blocks
     Boxing & Casting Wax
          Kerr Inlay Casting Wax
          Modern Materials Waxes
          Quala Boxing Wax
     Hygenic & Utility Wax
          Coltene Square Wax Ropes
          Coltene Utility Wax Strips
          Kulzer Wax Ropes & Stripes
          Quala Utility Wax Ropes
          Quala Utility Wax Strips
     Sticky & Orthodontic Wax
          GUM Orthodontic Wax
          Kerr Orthodontic Tray Wax
          Kerr Sticky Wax
          Keystone Sticky Wax
     Wax Miscellaneous
          Aluwax Wax
          Buffalo Wax Carving Blocks
          Buffalo Wax Remover
          Heraeus Coprwax Bite Wafers
          Heraeus Periphery Wax
          Kerr Disclosing Wax
          Kerr Occlusal Indicator Wax
          Life Like Presentation Wax
X-Ray Products
          Flow Cable Saver
          IC Care X-Ray Badge
     Digital X-Rays & Access
          Barrier & Phosphor Plate
               AT ScanX Barrier Envelopes
               AT ScanX Cleaning Sheets
               AT ScanX Imaging PSP Plates
               Defend Barrier Envelopes
               DenOptix Barrier Envelopes
               DenOptix Imaging Plates
               Gendex Imaging Plates
               Optime Digital Imaging Plates
               Safe N Sure OPT Envelops
               Safe N Sure PSP Envelops
               Smoothies Adhesive Foam Pad
          Camera Sheaths
               Acteon Camera Sheaths
               Air Tech Camera Sheaths
               TidiSheld Camera Covers
               TidiShield X-Ray Sheaths
          Digital Sensor Holders
               Crosstex Sensor Slippers
               Gendex Sensor Holders
               Microcopy Flaps Tabs
               Rinn Snap A Ray DS
               Uni Grip Univ Sensor Holder
               XCP DS Fit Universal Sensor
               XCP DS for Carestream
               XCP DS for Carestream/Kodak
               XCP DS for Dent-X EVA+
               XCP DS for Dexis
          Digital Sensor Sleeve & Cover
               Flow Comfee Sensor Sleeves
               Gendex Hygenic Barrier
               Gendex Protective Cover
               Gendex Sensor Sheaths
               Sirona Sensor Cover
               Soredex Optime Barriers
               Steri-Shield R.S. Barrier
               Tidi X-ray Sensor Sheaths
     Film & Duplicating Films
          Extraoral X-ray Films
               Carestream Ektavision G Film
               Carestream T-Mat Film
               Carestream X Omat DBF Film
               Carestream X Omat Duplicating
               Flow Dental Panoramic Film
               Quala Extraoral Dental Film
               SDS Sharp Image X Ray Film
          Intraoral X-ray Films
               Carestream InSight
               Carestream Ultra Speed
               Flow Silver D Film
               Heraeus AFGA Dentus M2
               Quala Intraoral X-Ray Film
     Film Developing & Cleaner
          Developing Solution Automatic
               Air Techniques
               Allied Redi Chem
               Carestream Readymatic
               Carestream Readypro
               Dent X Excel
               Gendex SuperMax
               Velopex Developer & Fixer
          Developing Solution Manual
               Allied Redi Chem Endo
               Carestream GBX
               Carestream Rapid Access
               Dent X IFP
               Dent X IFP Endopak
          Processing Cleaners & Disposal
               Air Techniques Cleaning Film
               Air Techniques Spray 2000
               Gendex GXP Processor Cleaner
               Roller Transport Cleanup Film
               SDS Clean Image Sheets
               Velopex Processor Cleaner
               WCM Chemgon
     X-Ray Aprons & Protection
          Flow Dental Lead-Free Aprons
          Kerr Lead free X-Ray Aprons
          Kerr Leaded X-Ray Aprons
          Palmero Apron Hanger
          Palmero Apron Neck Collar
          Palmero Cling Shield Aprons
          Palmero Dual Aprons
          Palmero Protectall Aprons
               Adult Size
               Child Size
          Rinn Soothe-Guard Aprons
     X-Ray Envelopes
          EPR Coin Envelopes
     X-Ray Monitors
          Instadose Radiation Monitors
     X-Ray Mounts
          ADA Radiograph Mounts
          Ezeemount Paperboard 10
          Flow Gray Cardboard Mounts
          Flow Graylight X-Ray Mounts
          Flow Grip Right Plastic Mounts
          Perfect Pocket X-Ray Mounts
          Rinn EZ Tab Plastic Mounts
               Series 30 Grey
               Series 77 Black
          Rinn EZ View Clear Pockets
          Rinn EZ View FasTear Mount
          Rinn EZ View Masked Pockets
               Series 21 Black
               Series 22 Green
          Rinn Transview Mounts
     X-Ray Positioning
          Bite Wing Loops
               Flow Bite Wing Loops
               Rinn Bite Wing Loops
          Bite Wing Tabs
               Parkway Bite Wing Tabs
               Pittsburgh Bite Wing Tabs
          Edge Ease Comfort Cushions
          Flow RAPiD Bite Blocks
          Kerr Dispos A Bite
          Rinn Snap A Ray Film Holder
          Rinn Uni Grip Universal Holders
          Rinn XCP BAI Arms & Rings
          Rinn XCP BAI Bite Blocks
          Rinn XCP Bitewing Bite Blocks
          Rinn XCP Evolution 2000 Kit
     X-Ray Sleeve & Sensor Cover
          Brixton Sensor Covers
          Brixton X-Ray Head Sleeves
          Defend X-Ray Head Sleeves
          Defend X-Ray Sensor Sleeves
          Digital Sensor Sleeve & Cover
          Morita Bite Block Covers
          Palmero Sensor Covers
          Pinnacle Sensor Covers
          Pinnacle Temple Guard
          Pinnacle X-Ray Sleeves
          Quala X-Ray Cover
          Rinn Tight & Sensor Covers